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You’ve worked hard for your money and properties. Don’t let them go to waste after you die. R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C helps clients set up revocable living trusts that you can continue to alter until you pass. Our attorney has more than 45 years of experience planning estates in Lexington, KY. When you need to set up a trust for your heirs, trust R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C.

3 things to do before you write your trust

3 things to do before you write your trust

Before you set up your trust, there are a few things you need to do. Follow our attorney’s expert preparation tips:

  1. Assess and write down all of your assets.
  2. Choose your beneficiaries.
  3. Decide who will become your trustee after you die.

Once these pieces are in place, you can start preparing your trust. Call 859-223-3866 to speak with R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C about your plans for your children’s trusts.