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Family Law & Divorce Lawyer, Estate Planning & Corporate Law in Lexington, KY

Struggling with your divorce proceedings? Want to draft a will to make sure your kids are taken care of if the worst were to happen? Contact R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. Mr. Stith has more than four decades of experience in the areas of family law, corporate law and estate planning. He truly cares about each and every client that walks through the door and will always keep your best interest at heart.

Mr. Stith will go over the details of your case to determine the best approach to accomplishing your legal goals. Call R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. at 859-223-3866 to schedule an appointment with our family and divorce lawyer.

Comprehensive legal services in Lexington, Kentucky

R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. has extensive experience dealing with legal matters of all types. Mr. Stith has practiced in the areas of:

He’ll do everything possible to resolve your legal issue to your satisfaction. Get in touch with R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. to learn more.

Get the legal guidance your business needs to succeed

When you are running a business in Lexington, Kentucky, you need to be conscious of the strict laws and regulations regarding your practices. R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. can give your business the support it needs to thrive! Mr. Stith will provide sound legal counsel, so you can focus on your daily operations. He will make sure all business-related disputes are handled and that you're following all the proper industry procedures.

Mr. Stith is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association, the Domestic Relations Fayette County Bar Association and the Business Network International. See what Mr. Stith can do for you by contacting R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. today.

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Looking for an Experienced Divorce Lawyer?

Trust R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. to guide you during this difficult time. Mr. Stith has over 40 years of experience and will work hard to get you the best result possible.