Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cases do you generally handle?

Answer: Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoptions, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Estate Planning, Probate.

What is your strategy with new cases?

Answer: Meet with new clients, understand the facts, deal with the issues the client is having with a goal of reaching a separation agreement, mediation agreement rather than a trial.

Who is your typical client?

Answer: Middle to Upper Class people with some to significant assets. We handle simple divorce with little or no assets to cases where clients have to resolve child custody issues, timesharing issues, child support issues, and division of marital property issues.

How will you let me know what's happening with my case?

Answer: I forward my clients copies of all emails, letters and pleadings. I will answer questions over the phone and/or schedule an appointment. I always return phone call/emails from my clients.

Do you encourage mediation when possible?

Answer: Definitely.

What do you expect of me, as the client?

Answer: Be honest with the facts of your case. Provide document(s) I request from you i.e. tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, etc. I will need for you to supply those for me.