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Two Young Children Swinging on a SwingDivorce proceedings can take a major toll on the entire family, especially when access to your children is at stake. Ease the process by working with R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. Mr. Stith has more than 45 years of experience helping local families reach favorable resolutions in custody and time-sharing disputes. He will keep the best interests of your children in mind throughout the settlement process and work hard to reach a peaceful resolution for all involved parties.

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Lexington, Kentucky's R. Bruce Stith, III, P.S.C. will help you and your former spouse work out a time-sharing agreement with the courts that is in the child's best interests. Mr. Stith will walk you through the guidelines used to determine visitation schedules. When handling your case, we'll take into consideration:

  • The child's needs

  • The work schedules of the parents

  • Scheduled and school activities

  • The responsibilities of the parents

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